What type of salesperson Are you?

Find your avatar and see what one best describes your skill set.

Do you feel like you have the winning formula when it comes to sales? Do you feel like everyone else’s methods differ from yours? 

This conflict of opinion is to be embraced! That’s right. Our differences should be celebrated and used to their advantage for an opportunity to collaborate and go a step further. 

This blog is about:

  • The 4 different types of salespeople 
  • how to create a dynamic team of people with different sales techniques and processes so that everyone can flourish under one roof. 
  • how to take your customer conversations to the next level 


The categories are not just good sales people vs bad sales people. They’re a little more sophisticated than that.

For those sticking to their model and their model only, probably won’t embrace this idea that there are different ways of doing things and that other people who are not like you can also thrive! 

The objectives of this blog are:

  • For you to take part in identifying yourself in the options below 
  • If you’re a business owner to reflect on the diversity of your sales force. Are they diverse or are they all cut from the same cloth? Challenge yourself to think about how this is working for you or against your organisation. 

Why is this important? 

At Elevici, we are believers of life long development and learning. This is why we believe it is important that you take time to reflect and learn about which type of sales person you are.  This will help you develop in your career and it will create better relationships with your customers when you know what your strengths are.

The 4 different types of salespeople explained

We have come across many different styles and this diversity adds to the colourful nature of sales. We love the diversity and we embrace them all. There is a lot we can learn from one another’s style and there isn’t one size fits all. 

Take a look at the 4 different avatars below that we have cherry picked, and have a go at picking which one you think you suit best.

1. The educator or sometimes known as The Expert

This is someone you’ll often find buried in books, constantly learning on their subject matter, conducting research and always knowledgeable on their subject.

They know the product inside out and you trust them purely based on how much information and knowledge they share with the customer.

You come to believe that THIS is the person you must buy from because they know more than everyone else.

But it’s not that they are necessarily arrogant about it, they are just so passionate about their niche that they talk about it with confidence and certainty.

Customers love this because they know they are in safe hands. That’s the educator’s secret weapon. They are the safe choice – they can be trusted as they know everything there is to know on the subject.

You can also guarantee that their CRM is meticulous. Their CRM has got notes about notes and anyone who picks up the record of any customer, will know the exact history and what to do next.

These people are handy in your business. You need some educators peppered around in the team as they will be the go to person for extra information and assistance.

2. The Closer

the closer

They thrive on the deal getting done.

Of course all sales people get a rush from closing a sale but this particular person is all about the yes.   They Don’t stop until they get a yes.

You will often find them totalling up the sales numbers of the day. Often the closer can be described as a modern day walking talking Zig Ziglar or Grant Gardone.   They have memorised all the hard close, trial close, assumptive close, closed close type of close. Get the picture?

If there were a movie to ever describe this person it would be the Glengarry Glen Ross film. ABC is their mantra. They are on the hunt for the next deal.   A great character to have in the team. Their ‘go go go’ mentality and energy amongst the other sales people will give everyone a much needed kick!

People will feel the pressure to close a deal and it will inspire a bit of light competition in the team. Competition, if friendly, is very healthy. The team will thrive off each other’s energy and it will create a winning environment.

But don’t be fooled, the closer will come out on top of any competition! This is what they thrive on.

3. The Crusher

the crusher

It’s a numbers game. You will find this person saying “the harder I work the luckier I get”.

We have all been this person in our time. It usually is an entry level sales person who needs to fail fast. Someone who is starting out in sales and is eager to make it.   They have a hard working attitude, and a do or die mentality. Their work ethic keeps them buzzing throughout the day and often are the ones who are in early and last out.

They are productive, high energy, caffeine fuelled salespeople. It’s not just entry level sales people though. It’s often in this person’s nature to work hard and go the extra mile. They aim to please the customer, themselves and their boss purely on effort alone.

Sometimes the results aren’t immediate but they work their hardest to achieve their results. They are focused on progress and working hard to see the winning results. They love a challenge.

Solving a problem is their secret power. If you ever want to grab 5 minutes with this person you better learn how to walk and talk because they have always got a million things on the go.

A person like this in the team, whilst it can make you feel like you’re not doing enough in comparison, they will make you feel safe in knowing that the to do list is getting ticked off and that something good is always around the corner.

You can always rely on a busy person to get something done. This is why The Crusher in your team will inspire high productivity amongst the rest of the team.

4. The Consultative Salesperson

They are all about building relationships.

They are less aggressive and more patient. They let the customer lead the conversation and steer where the sale is going but don’t underestimate the sheer level of genius behind this technique.

This person asks the right questions which keep them in control of where the sale is going but because he lets the customer talk most of the time it means that the customer relaxes and doesn’t feel like they are being sold to.

The magic behind this technique is that the customer talks themselves into buying what you have to offer. They talk so much that they see all the pros and cons for themselves and end up discovering the value. The art is in listening and asking golden questions.

Usually the consultative salesperson is  selling higher ticket products and services. They are also comfortable at selling at C-level. The sales cycle tends to be longer and more complex usually involving multiple decision makers. Sometimes the hardest decision makers of all : husband and wife.

Making big life changing decisions like when getting financial advice, therefore the best suited person is someone more consultative or educational like person number 1.

The benefit of having more consultative sales people in your organisation is to balance out the high energy people with the calmer, more patient people. This balance will create pockets of success in your organisations that erupt and flourish at different times.

This balance will give newcomers in the team and existing people and opportunity to fit in between the opposite ends of the spectrum.

A big plus is that you will gain glowing references and shining testimonials from the bigger spenders who have built solid relationships with you or one of your reps.

What does your team look like?

salespeople avatar

So who are you? 

If you’re a team of one doing all the sales by yourself, then which role are you playing and which other role might you perhaps try on to see what different results this may bring? 

If you’re a business owner with a larger sales team, which people do you have in the group? A mixture of all or a lot of one? 

Of course all these salespeople are valuable and essential people of any sales team. You can’t rely on too many closers or too many consultative people all in one team. Creating diversity and flexibility will benefit your brand and the numbers at the end of the month. We all know that the person carrying the team through to the end of the month varies from one month to the next.

Maybe you’re looking to reshape your sales structure and inject a bit more diversity into the team. Perhaps you are starting from scratch and want some top tips on hiring sales people. 

Carefully select a mixture of the types of people your brand and business would benefit from. You need to assess if your product or service will benefit from a crusher or an educator, a consultative sales person or a closer. 

If you’re an accountant, solicitor or financial adviser then perhaps a mixture of educators and consultative sales people would be better suited. 

If you’re selling office equipment, cars or candles, then a mixture of crushers and closers will thrive more. 

Now you’re probably wondering that you can see yourself a little bit in each one. You’re not 100% of just one of them. That’s very common and to be expected. All sales people share a lot of similar traits which float between all four avatars. Sales people in general have high energy, get a rush from closing, care about the customer , work hard and know a lot about their job.

Taking your conversations to the next level

customer service

Before you go, I want to leave you with some essential top tips any type of salesperson can implement right away to take their conversations to the next level: 

  1. Smile. Now that we’re more digital with the customer and less physical, people can detect if you’re smiling on the phone or behind an email. Take your time with customers, be kind and make them feel special. No one likes to feel like they are a burden. 
  2. If you’re on the phone or zoom a lot more these days rather than face to face with your clients, try standing up! You can position your camera in the right place so that you can stand and talk. This opens your diaphragm and helps you control your breathing, helping you to sound calmer and more patient. 
  3. Walk and talk. During lockdown and working from home, many have become more slouchy. Don’t get too comfy in your home office or at the dining room table. Walk around with the phone in your hand as this helps you to get creative. Walking and talking is a proven technique to inspire your creative juices to flow not to mention how beneficial this will be for your waistline. 
  4. Ask your customer many open questions to discover what they really want. This is not a skill to be left just to the consultative sales people. Everyone should get good at listening and asking the right questions. 
  5. Always be honest and genuine. People know if you’re trying to fake it. When you don’t know something then be honest and check for the right information. Don’t over promise and under deliver. 


As well as identifying your sales avatar from this article, you may also be interested in learning more about the difference between transactional selling and consultative selling in this other blog here

You will be able to pick up valuable tips in this article to further enhance the valuable conversations you’re having with customers. 

If you would like to have some fun by putting this into practice,  then at Elevici we can help you conduct a sales workshop.  We will help you all identify your personal avatar. This will help you reshape the dynamic of the team and find a way to better collaborate with one another. 

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