Business Development

We can do the heavy lifting for you to save you time and money.

That’s right, if you are running a business and finding yourself being all things to all people.  You really need an extra pair of hands but can’t commit to the additional overhead of an expanded team.

We have your back.

Our freelance Business Development Managers (BDMs) are dedicated to boosting your sales, developing relationships, opening doors and warming up cold calls on your behalf.

You can spend the time saved to getting to grips with your long term strategy.

Things we can do:

  • Convert your cold database into warm leads and even closed business.
  • Provide you additional support at events to work the room.
  • Help to close deals on specific projects/leads. 


Our BDMs can work with you on short – medium term projects bolstering your sales effort and giving you back the time to run your business without the overhead of additional headcount.